Make Yourself the Priority Again.

Do you put yourself on the back burner because you feel like everything and everyone else should take precedent?

It's time to put your vision, your goals, and your values front and center.

This WORKING MOMS workshop will help you identify what’s really important to you and how you can better spend your energy.


"The group setting was fantastic. To be able to get different perspectives on the same issues helped very much." - Sonal P.

"I really liked hearing what the other women had to say. I felt very connected to them even though I did not know them." - Monali R.

Next Session:
January 22nd, 2021
Noon to 1:30 PM CST

Cost: $89

90-Minute Group Session
One-Hour Private Coaching Session

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    Who are we?

    We're Amy & Parita! We are professional coaches. We understand your struggle because we too are working moms who have big dreams and aspirations.

    The Details.

    We’ll be sharing self-discovery tools to help you understand where you could focus to move your needle forward, as well as creating a safe space for all participants to explore their challenges, experiences, and perspectives.