Group Coaching

Momsanity: Dream Create Achieve

A three-month group coaching experience for ambitious working mothers to help you prioritize yourself, feel more confident, and bring the fun back into your life.

As a working mom trying to integrate work and life, do you ever feel like...

- You're being pulled in a million directions and lack focus and a clear vision for your life?

- You want to ask for and go after the things YOU want in life, but lack the confidence to really make it happen?

- You've lost your ability to have fun?

We've been there, too!

In this 3-month group coaching program, you'll:

  • Create a personalized vision for 2023

  • Learn skills to gain more confidence and clarity at home and at work

  • Find fun and reignite a spark of joy

  • Be in community with other working mothers you can relate to

  • Receive tons of coaching and support

About The Sessions


January, 19th, 2023 Noon ET

In the first session, you'll craft your personalized vision statement for 2023 to lay a solid foundation for the year ahead.


February, 16th, 2023 Noon ET

Next, you'll explore what's contributing to your lack of confidence, release what is holding you back, and uncover a path to move forward.


March, 16th, 2023 Noon ET

In the final session, you'll discover what lights a spark of joy inside you and determine how to take action to bring more of that joy into your life.

In between the monthly group sessions, you'll have the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions on your own schedule to go deeper and get one-on-one support to make huge breakthroughs.

The combination of group and private coaching will empower you to explore the challenges you’re currently facing and come up with sustainable solutions personalized to you so they'll really work.

Your Investment:

  • Three monthly 90-minute group coaching sessions
  • Three monthly 50-minute individual coaching sessions

All for $599 (valued at $3,000)

What Past Participants Say:

"The group setting was fantastic. To be able to get different perspectives on the same issues helped very much." - Sonal P.

"I really liked hearing what the other women had to say. I felt very connected to them even though I did not know them."
- Monali R.

"Great workshop for working moms! Especially in this COVID world, it's easy to put yourself on the backburner and feel lost as you navigate life wearing a million different hats. This workshop was just what I needed to bring the focus back to myself. Amy and Parita are great facilitators, lots of thought provoking conversations as we discussed our challenges and ways to overcome them. It was great connecting with other working moms and hearing different perspectives. Happy that I made this investment in myself by attending!" - Shilpa A.

About Your Coaches

This series is led by Amy Galvin and Parita Kuttappan, hosts of The Momsanity Podcast. Amy and Parita are both working moms and professional coaches. Together they bring 30 years of professional experience leading teams, facilitating, and coaching. They both have a passion for supporting women on their journey through motherhood, as both of their journeys have been filled with mismatched expectations, uncovering inherent social norms, getting comfortable with contradictory feelings, learning to let go, and above all, moments of pure joy.

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Led by Coaches

Amy Galvin
Parita Kuttappan

Program Begins:

January 19, 2023
12:00pm Eastern Time

Limited Space!

We keep our group program small to make sure everyone has time and attention.

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